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20+ Interesting Projects With Python – Python For Beginners

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About Course

Why you should take this Python course:

It’s Entertaining: No boring lectures, just me talking you through fun and useful tasks and making you laugh along the way.

It’s Memorable: You’ll learn the “why” behind everything you do, so you remember the concepts and can use them on your own later.

It’s the Perfect Length: The course is just 9 hours long, so you’ll actually be able to finish it and get your certificate.

It Goes at the Perfect Pace: You will learn the Python fundamentals at a pace tailored to beginners. This means you won’t get left behind, and won’t waste time on irrelevant filler.

It’s Practical: You actually use Python to create things. It’s not just dry theory. You can see you’ve understood because you make 11 Python projects that work!

Who Is This Course For?

  • Beginners who have never programmed before.
  • Programmers with experience in other languages who want to kickstart their Python programming.
  • Programmers who know some Python but want to round off their skills and become truly proficient.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Be able to program in Python professionally
  • Master the Python programming language by building real time projects
  • Create a portfolio of Python projects to apply for developer jobs
  • Be able to build fully fledged websites and web apps with Python
  • Be able to use Python for data science and machine learning
  • Build games like Blackjack, Pong and Snake using Python
  • Build GUIs and Desktop applications with Python
  • Learn to use modern frameworks like Selenium, Flask, Pandas, NumPy etc.
  • Gain the Python Skills Necessary to Learn In-Demand Topics, such as Data Science, Web Development, AI and more.
  • Use Logic and Data Structures to Create Python Programs That Can Think.
  • Use Raw Text Data in Python to Generate Automated Messages and Customise User Experiences.
  • Create Your Own Custom Python Functions to Simplify Your Code.

Course Content

Python & PyCharm Installation

  • Python & PyCharm Installation

Why You Should Learn Python?

Project: Sent Unlimited Message In Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp Using Python

Project: Digital Clock In Python Tkinter

Project: Convert Images Into Pencil Sketch Using Python (5 lines)

Project: Building a simple Instagram bot with Python

Project: Automate WhatsApp message With Python

Project: Create a Program to Take Screenshot Using Python

Project: Create Registration Form / Login Form Using Python

Project: Create Working Login System Using Python

Project: Create Snake Game Step By Step In Python

How To Convert Python File To Executable File (.py to. exe)

Project: Get Details From A Phone Number Using Python

Project: Find Phone Number Location Using Python In MAP

Project: Automate Renaming and Parsing of Multiple Files With Python

Python OpenCV Tutorial- Top 10 Basic OpenCV Methods

Project: Build A Mobile App With Python kivy

Project: Build Mobile App With Python kivy – Beginning of App Development

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5 months ago
Projects are amazing but explanation of the first few projects could be improved. The explanation of python kivy was great. But the instructor tried his level best.
6 months ago
This is very useful
1 year ago
Im a beginner python learner. These projects are amazing.